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Cumin Tea: Aiding Digestion and Much More

Cumin is a spice that originated in Egypt thousands of years ago. It is derived from a flowering plant that can be found in the Mediterranean as well as in other parts of the world such as India. This particular spice has gained a reputation for its culinary uses in many different cultures all over the world. However, despite being a tasty spice that can liven up many home cooked meals, cumin is also great when it is properly brewed into a tea.

The use of cumin has been around for thousands of years. As a tea, aside from taste, it has many good benefits to offer those that choose to drink it. It is known to have compounds such as vitamin A, C and vitamin E, as well as various antioxidants and minerals such as iron which are also important for the intake of the body as well.

Digestive Aid

One of the most commonly experienced problems of the digestive system is the discomfort that is brought on by gas pains. Gas pains can range from mild to excruciatingly painful and can be hard to be rid of. Although there are many over the counter medications which claim to be useful in treating this problem, many prefer to rely on more natural methods of solving common digestive problems. Cumin tea is a great solution for gas pains as well as other digestive problems and symptoms. One cup can help clear pain and discomfort as well as help improve the health of the entire digestive system. Aside from aiding gas related digestive issues, cumin tea can also alleviate diarrhea, nausea, as well as indigestion.

Relieves Respiratory Ailments

Many people rely on cumin tea for its beneficial uses in helping to relieve respiratory problems such as sore throat from the common cold or even more serious issues like bronchitis. The useful properties of this tea have even been shown to be beneficial in helping to heal long term issues like asthma, by reducing some of the symptoms that tag along with these health problems.

External Uses and More

Some people will use cumin tea for its external uses as well. It is believed to have some antiseptic qualities to it that can prevent infection when applied to minor scrapes, cuts, bites, or other external wounds. The antioxidants present in this tea are great for stimulating good health internally as well and this herbal tea can also help improve the immune system, making it a good tea to drink if you are attempting to steer away sickness during a cold or flu season.

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